Friday, 25 February 2011


"Facebook - never use it myself (well not every hour because that's just scary), but David Fincher's The Social Network, the tale of a geeky genius (another brilliant performance by Jesse Eisenberg) who sparked a revolution and changed the face of human interaction for a generation was always going to be a fascinating journey. Despite suffering from a plot that can never stray too far from the truth, it manages to pack some emotional drama and lashings of humour, somehow allowing the viewer to sympathise with the main protagonist.

Chronicling the formation of Facebook and the battles over ownership that followed upon the website's unfathomable success was always going to captivate an audience who no doubt logged on immediately after viewing this compelling movie. Sadly, thanks to a screenplay adapted from real events, the ending is never going to be completely satisfying (even if everyone did get rich). Complex but interesting from start to finish, Mark Zuckerberg is probably the only person that doesn't wish to see a follow up. And maybe his ex-girlfriend."

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