Saturday, 11 April 2015


We know what you're thinking. The Big Bee? Is that really the best title they could come up with? Okay, so once you get over the fit of giggles, it turns out that The Big Bee isn't in fact a children's movie, nor is it (sadly) a monster movie about a genetically engineered bee the size of Tokyo. It is, however, a new action thriller from director Yukihiko Tsutsumi - who directed the rather excellent 20th Century Boys Trilogy - due out on Japan on September 12, 2015. Check out the brand-spanking new poster above and click on the, um, big bee below for the teaser trailer.

Synopsis: Set in 1995. A helicopter, operated remotely, is hovering in the sky over a nuclear power plant. The power company, government and media all receive a fax. The fax contains a threat that if the nuclear power plant is not taken offline the helicopter will be dropped. 8 hours is given as the deadline. Making the situation even more dire, a young child is in the helicopter. Kazuaki Yubara (Yosuke Eguchi), who is the helicopter designer, and Yuichi Mishima (Masahiro Motoki), who is the nuclear power engineer, work frantically to save the child and find the criminal.

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